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I’ll be uploading all my sketching/artistic stuff only on Tumblr from now onwards. Here’s the link: http://aubykhan.tumblr.com. See you there! Smile


Digital Sketching: In the Woods

Here’s another one which I just wrapped up. Took almost 90 mins to make. No straight lines and curves. Used brush, smudging and a bit of spray paint tool. No tablets yet so all mouse work once again. Done in GIMP. I didn’t have clear idea how it would look like in the end, just started with a very vague one and ended up like this. There are no leaves on trees which indicates my lack of finishing touches with trees right now so I didn’t draw them at all.



Picking up the brush again!

I have been thinking hard to getting back to my old habit of drawing and sketching stuff. After watching a couple of videos showing how the artists use modern tools to sketch such masterpieces, I got motivated enough to getting back to it, again! Here’s what I came up with just some moments back. I know it looks pathetic, but people do post their hello world thing quite so often Open-mouthed smile. So here’s it, created in GIMP using brush tool, smudging and a bit of cloud filter in the background (don’t have a tablet so I used my mouse to draw this Sad smile).