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eXcelarz Interactive aced into the Android Market with the beta release of their Sports app title Sports Eye. The app is designed to meet the demands of variety of sports fans and keep them updated with the latest happenings in their favorite sports, know the sport expert opinion in various topics, follow the players and stay in touch with the ongoing games scores.

The app allows user to select the sports he want to follow and the news and blog sources from which he want to be notified about the current sporting events.  It can fetch information in background and notify the user about recent news. The cherry on top is that the news and blogs posts can be viewed offline once downloaded! News and posts can be shared with other sports fanatics using facebook enabling the user to spread the news all around. Coupled with the slick UI, awesome graphics and switching interface makes Sports Eye a winning combination for the best sports app in Android Market.

For more details, visit Press Release section or search for QR code below.


A simple walk through video showing different features of the Sports Eye.


Sports Eye Feature Walkthrough

Google has finally launched the official ‘Froyo’ update for the Nexus One. The update is primarily supposed to be done through the proper way i.e. since it is an OTA (Over The Air) update, you will be notified about the availability of the update automatically. After receiving the notification, you just need to accept it and the update will install itself. Since this is a software update, you don’t have to worry about the data and app loss. After it is installed successfully, you will find each thing intact as before the installation.

Anyways, I got to know about the news a bit later and immediately tried some stuff in order to force the notification to show up. This includes playing with the date and time of the phone and restarting it. After nothing worked, I googled and found out that the update is available here to download. The file that is found in that link is the full version of the update, that means it works REGARDLESS of the software version already installed on your phone.

Follow the steps mentioned below, if you are impatient enough like me and want to update your android world without waiting for that notification to pop up:

  1. Rename to downloaded file to ‘update.zip’ and copy it to your SD card
  2. Shut off your phone.
  3. Hold down the VOLUME DOWN button and then press the power button.
  4. After you see the boot screen and everything is set up, scroll down to recovery and press the POWER button. You need to use the volume up and down keys to navigate the options.
  5. After this, the screen will change and you will see an exclamation mark. You need to press the POWER button and the Volume Up button simultaneously. You should be presented with a menu and one of the options should be “Apply sdcard:update.zip”.
  6. Use the trackball to navigate to “apply sdcard:update.zip” and select it.
  7. Now just wait and see, the update progress will start showing up.
  8. Let the update finishes itself which will reboot the phone itself too.