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I’ll be uploading all my sketching/artistic stuff only on Tumblr from now onwards. Here’s the link: See you there! Smile


Digital Sketching: F-16

My first ever take on a fighter plane. F-16 is a real beauty and my personal favorite. Had to research a bit before creating this scene. Done in GIMP using pencil, brush, spray paint and smudge tools. Took around 90 mins to finish this off.



An inspiration from



Digital Sketching: Untitled

Another one using tablet and GIMP. Took around 90 mins. Again a half baked idea but I think I am loving the tablet experience :D.


Finally got my hands on a tablet! And here’s the first one using that (BAMBOO PEN CTL 460). Again used GIMP, took around 1 hour to complete.



Here’s another one which I just wrapped up. Took almost 90 mins to make. No straight lines and curves. Used brush, smudging and a bit of spray paint tool. No tablets yet so all mouse work once again. Done in GIMP. I didn’t have clear idea how it would look like in the end, just started with a very vague one and ended up like this. There are no leaves on trees which indicates my lack of finishing touches with trees right now so I didn’t draw them at all.



Picking up the brush again!

I have been thinking hard to getting back to my old habit of drawing and sketching stuff. After watching a couple of videos showing how the artists use modern tools to sketch such masterpieces, I got motivated enough to getting back to it, again! Here’s what I came up with just some moments back. I know it looks pathetic, but people do post their hello world thing quite so often Open-mouthed smile. So here’s it, created in GIMP using brush tool, smudging and a bit of cloud filter in the background (don’t have a tablet so I used my mouse to draw this Sad smile).



Text is one of the most important part of any application or game regardless of the platform it is running on. Without good fonts your overall design doesn’t finish up looking neat.

I was recently making and designing a small fun app for Android (find it here) and I opted to use paper/pencil sort of design for it. I happily designed some backgrounds with paper textures (in GIMP) but eventually I faced a bad situation since Android doesn’t have a font (natively available) that gives a sketchy/handwriting type of look to the text. Without the fonts I liked the app to have, the overall feel of the application would be ruined. I was using libgdx for the main part but one of the screens was build with Android views and layouts. Libgdx does support custom fonts and integrating it was smooth. The problem aroused when I tried to use the same font for the views I was using in the other activity. After a lot of experimenting and surfing on the internet, I got it to work!

So, here’s what you need to do in order to use custom fonts in your apps. Before beginning, let me make this clear that font files are incorporated in your app’s apk. This means that the more larger the font file (.ttf) is the larger your apk will become.

  • First step – Choose a font! Remember, the font should not be large enough that results in drastically increasing the apk size.
  • Then, you need to copy its TTF file into the assets folder of your app/game. You can directly put it into this folder or you can also keep a separate folder inside the assets for fonts.
  • Declare a Typeface instance either globally or inside the function in which you’ll assign this to your controls.
  • Next, initialize this variable by calling Typeface.createFromAsset function like below:


  • I made a fonts folder inside the assets folder and the same was specified in the function argument. I found people using and suggesting createFromFile function instead of createFromAsset but that simply didn’t work out for me. So this is what I will recommend to my readers.
  • Now that you have the Typeface initialized, you can simply assign it to any view that has something to do with fonts or text (EditText, TextView etc). You need to use setTypeface function of the view in order to assign the typeface to that view.

And that’s it! Do get back to me with your queries or if you have other method of achieving this objective in Android apps/games.

Here’s the artwork that I did for some Android/iPhone/WP 7 games and apps.

Checkers Redux (For Windows Phone 7) Artwork:



Following fighters and bombers were made for an iPhone game. Unfortunately the game wasn’t completed successfully and was not released in the end. I got their model’s profile from the internet and painted them in Paint.NET:



Checkerzzz (Android Game) artwork:



Other Android Apps Designs:



That wraps it up. Do give your feedback about all these designs and work that I covered in this post and in following:

The rest of the 3D stuff renders will be covered in this part.

First, the Airwolf:


KITT, from Knight Rider’s series:


The StreetHawk:


Miraj from Silver Hawk (cartoon series), I found very few reference images for this so it is sort of an approximation:


A scene comprising of all the super vehicles Open-mouthed smile: