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After the remarkable success of Checkerzzz Lite in Android Market, eXcelarz Interactive has released a paid version with enhanced features titled Checkerzzz Pro. The Checkerzzz follow the rules of conventional Checkers with slight variation making it more flexible and enjoyable for players ensuring them with a pleasing past time. The main features of Checkerzzz Pro are:

  • Challenging Casual, Normal, Pro single player mode
  • Exciting Multiple Player
  • Allows the users to randomize player’s first turn
  • Provide the option to configure undo moves
  • Doesn’t enforce force capture making the game captivating
  • Comes packaged with 4 amazing themes
  • Smooth, impeccable game play
  • Awesome graphics
  • Unique scoring mechanism with Player performance statistics

To check out the game, download Checkerzz Pro from Android Market and have a joyful time playing an all time classic board game in a versatile manner.

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Finally, I have managed to incorporate the Singleplayer game option in Checkerzzz. For the AI, i used my own algorithm which can be termed as a subset of existing decision tree based algorithms. I have added some randomness factor into it so the user will experience different behavior from the AI every time he/she plays. The AI will also make mistakes sometimes like real players do or it will not gonna let you win otherwise.

I have also launched this version on the Android market (version 1.1), so anyone out there who wants to try it out can download it from there and upgrade their existing version.

Checkerzz has crossed the 1000 mark a couple of days back in terms of Download Count. The overall rating is still around 4.5 with much demand for single player gameplay. I have finished working on it and will be launching the new version shortly. 

After getting a somewhat strong feedback from the Android market (the download count, as of now, has crossed 700 figure in less than a week) and through a number of suggestions that were received, I have decided to rollout an update for Checkerzzz that will include the SinglePlayer game mode. The update is currently under development and I plan to launch it as quickly as I can, most probably by the end of this weekend.

Finally, the game has been launched on the Android Market and is now available for download for free. Special thanks to all my friends and colleagues (especially Rambler and Mx) who consistently backed me up and kept encouraging me all the way 🙂

The gameplay video is pasted here again for quick reference 😛

Keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂

Menu System is an important part of a game, no matter which platform you want to target. Same is the case with Android and I found the platform flexible enough to facilitate any such requirement. While developing my first game, i too got into multiple approaches while i was searching for the best (and of-course ‘easier’ ;)) way to develop a menu system for my game. I found some ways on different forums that involve making an activity for each menu screen. This has some advantages but I personally didn’t like this approach. Finally I found a way, through some experimentation, that was more understandable (for an indie PC game developer, like me) and is described below:

1. Create a layout file (.xml) for your menu screen just like you do to create any other screen and place some controls on it. You can add as many screens as you want using this way.

2. Now you have to modify your game activity class to initialize these layouts using View objects. You can either keep separate variables for each view or you can declare and array of views and initialize them all.


3. The currentView variable is an index that determines the view that should be passed on to the activity to show on the screen.

4. Now initialize your view depending on its type. You must use the LayoutInflator class to get the view object that you want to store.


This is a simple utility function that takes a layout resource id and returns the required view object.

5. Write event handlers for your controls in each layout in your activity class and use the currentView variable to determine the next view to show.

6. Now you can use the setContentView(View) function in your event handlers to switch to the next screen by using currentView index and using it in allViews array. Look at the sample call below:


7. Optionally, you can pass parameters among these views by utilizing the view.setTag(object) function and passing it a custom parameter class instance.

This way, you can think of your whole game as a single activity (just like a PC game) and switching between screens as required. I don’t assume that this approach is the best one out there and i look forward for some positive feedback on this.

Checkerzzz – Gameplay Video

Here’s the ‘teaser trailer’ 😛 or a gameplay video of my first Android game. This all started off with some experimentation with the platform, eventually been developed into a full game having mutliplayer game option (for now) and a working menu system :D. All graphics programming is done using the core graphics functions of the Android SDK.

The first version of this game will be available to download from Android market soon. After that, i will start working on the newer version which would have some additional (hopefully exciting) features. 🙂