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A sports app meant not only for die hard sports fans but casual spectators can be found in Android Market by the title of Sports Eye. The app is available in both lite and full versions with paid version conveniently priced at 1.49USD. With the plethora of features provided in full app, it’s a bargain!

The lite version comes feature laden allowing the user to follow the sports they like minimizing the effort of filtering through excessive information to find what they like. The best part is that it not only allows sports selection but also sources such as ESPN, BBC, CNN SI, Cricinfo, FIFA, Golf etc. And did I mention what is meant by ‘following’ a sports in sports eye? There you can stay in touch with your favorite sports news, expert opinions provided in sports blogs and live scores.  getting updates of what the specific sports players are upto, you need the complete version of sports eye.

The app has a neat user interface, with tabbed viewing between news, blogs, scores and players for quick switching. The help screen is awesomely designed in case you need help finding all features. The application seems a bit slow when launched for the first time, but after that it becomes a pleasure ride. The customizations, though over-done for some but surprising for others, are also a key feature that gives the app an edge over its competitors.

Quoting from official press release, following are the many many features found in sports eye.

Sport Eyes Features

Sports Eye comes packaged with variety of innovative features including

  • Sports selection by user
  • Sports news, blogs posts selection by user
  • Follow live scores
  • Follow your favorite players (in Full Version)
  • Home Screen Widget (in Full Version)
  • Background fetching of information
  • New data notification
  • Sharing of news, posts through Facebook
  • Customized themes for each sports

Scan the QR codes below to get the version of your choice:

Sports Eye Lite

Sports Eye Full

Overall: 4.5/5


Sports Eye beta has finally turned into lite and full versions that are now available for download from the Android Market. The Full version contains player feeds and an attractive home screen widget that’ll keep users updated on their home screens. To find out more, checkout the introductory post and the press-release.

Scan the QR Codes below or search ‘Sports Eye Excelarz’ to find and download the application.

Sports Eye Lite

Sports Eye Full

eXcelarz Interactive aced into the Android Market with the beta release of their Sports app title Sports Eye. The app is designed to meet the demands of variety of sports fans and keep them updated with the latest happenings in their favorite sports, know the sport expert opinion in various topics, follow the players and stay in touch with the ongoing games scores.

The app allows user to select the sports he want to follow and the news and blog sources from which he want to be notified about the current sporting events.  It can fetch information in background and notify the user about recent news. The cherry on top is that the news and blogs posts can be viewed offline once downloaded! News and posts can be shared with other sports fanatics using facebook enabling the user to spread the news all around. Coupled with the slick UI, awesome graphics and switching interface makes Sports Eye a winning combination for the best sports app in Android Market.

For more details, visit Press Release section or search for QR code below. A simple walk through video showing different features of the Sports Eye is also available here.