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The soccer edition of Sports Eye has been reviewed recently by Paul Wilks on AndroidTapp.com. Here’s some extract from his review:

Sports Eye – Soccer is a sports news aggregator that specialises on soccer (football in the UK). Users can specify sources, choosing to select players of interest, blogs and news sources. There is also fixture lists, past scores and league tables. The app itself is nicely developed and navigation is effortless and relatively fast.”

Hit the link after the break to read the full review:


The review overall has been encouraging and we’ll start improving the application to overcome the shortcomings that were mentioned. The next release will include:

  • More News, Blogs, Scores, Schedules and Ranking Sources
  • More Players
  • In-app viewer instead of opening the browser
  • Users shall be able to suggest a news, blog and other sources (as well as players). They’ll be incorporated inside the app in the form of subsequent minor releases.

We have been working since past few weeks on a new version of Sports Eye that is specific to the game of Soccer (Football). We have just released that version in the Android Market. The app follows freemium model having a less-featured free version and a Full version that’s ad-free and have more features.

Here’s the description text from the market:

“Follow the thrilling game of soccer (football) on your own Android phone. Get latest updates from famous news sources, expert opinions through top blogs and live scores at your fingertips. Find what your favorite players are up to by following them, track your favorite team in ranking tables and find upcoming matches through various schedules provided by the app. Share the updates with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and through email and SMS.

Tournaments: FIFA World Cup, UEFA, Premier League, La Liga, League One, League Two, FA Cup, Spanish Primera and others.
Players: Andres Iniesta,Carles Puyol,Carlos Tevez ,Cesc Fabregas,Cristiano Ronald,David Beckham,Diego Forlan,Fernando Torres ,Frank Lampard ,Johan Djourou,Kaka ,Lionel Messi ,Lukas Podolski,Nicolas Anelka,Robin Van Persie,Ronaldinho Gaucho,Ryan Babel,Steven Gerrard,Thierry Herny,Wayne Rooney,Xabi Alonso,Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Teams: Brazil, England, France, Italy, Australia, Spain, Germany, Argentina
Leagues: Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelea, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool
News Sources: ESPN, FIFA, Soccer League, Soccer News, UEFA News
Blogs: 101 Great Goals, EPL Talk, Kickette, NY Times, Pitch Invasion, Reuters, Soccer Lens
Live Scores: ESPN, Flash Score, Soccer Way, Sky Sports
Schedules: ESPN, BBC, Sky Sports
Tables: Sky Sports, BBC Sports”

Links to the market after the break.

Full Version: http://tinyurl.com/66zjr59
Lite Version: http://tinyurl.com/5szhhmf

Hit the following link to checkout the full review and guide to use the app.


We have just released upgrades for both the Lite and Free versions of Sports Eye – Tennis app. The application now features a dashboard interface along with action bar for easy navigation and usability. User can now share the news item through virtually unlimited choices including Facebook, Twitter, SMS, MMS, Email and others.

Checkout the screenshots after the break.



Recently, we at excelarz Interactive made a series of Sports Apps that enables user to follow their choice of sports in an intuitive and flexible manner. The set of applications offers its user to view news, live scores, blogs, players, schedule, draws, twitter feeds according to his choice. What we needed was to build the apps in a way as to enhance the usabilty by letting the user customize the application in a way that he choses.

For implementing the switching between selected information types (news, blogs, scores, players, twitter, schedule etc), we first looked into the native tab control of Android. After digging enough, we concluded that the tab control would not help us accomplish this variable nature that we required from it due to its rigid set of options and properties.

We then came up with the idea of using the Gallery view for achieving this functionality. What we do is we make some images for each of the tab that we require to have in our application. Then a simple adapter is created (which is required to populate the gallery dynamically) and pass on the list of selected tabs to the adapter. The adapter then creates the view as per the selection made by the user. This way we managed to acheive a sliding choice bar for selection of different info type.

See the tab bar in action the the following video.

This approach may definity not the ideal one in this scenario but we did achieve what we wanted to do. Any suggestion on improvements and alternative is more than welcome.

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The first post of the year 2011 comes with the arrival of the first Grand Slams of the year. And this time I won’t be speculating about whome’s going to add the title to their name but reviewing an Android app focusing on Tennis Grand Slams title ‘Sports Eye Tennis Special.

The Sports Eye Tennis Special comes with loads of bundled feature for a true Tennis fan. It has the ability to gather News from various news sources related to tennis such as Australian Open, ATP, WTA, BBC, CNN, ESPN and allows me to select the source from which I want to keep up with. Same option goes for following Tennis Blogs and remaining in touch with what the experts’ opinions are. But what I loved about the app is their option to view the Player activities by getting their updates from Twitter and Facebook accounts (and yes, Federer is in the list of players:) )! The Players list consists of top 20 ATP and WTA tennis players and being up to date with their activities on and off the court in Melbourne is truly awesome!!! Tweets from official tennis sources such as Australian Open, ATP, WTA, Tennis Channel are available and in that too you have the option to select the source from which to remain updated.

And any AO app won’t be complete without Live Scores so Tennis Special also has the facility to show live scores, draws and schedule of play! And if filtering down sources wasn’t enough, the app also gives me the power to turn off the whole feature so that I don’t get distracted by extra information. From this I mean that if I don’t want to view news, I can de-select it from settings and viola the news tab won’t show in the main screen. Also, I like the fact that all information is available in one view and with a single tap I can browse through different categories of News, Blogs, Players, Scores etc. A widget for home screen is also available.

It has the option of Background Sync of information when you get connected to the internet, notification about new information and offline viewing of the news so that you don’t need to be on the net all the time just to read updates.

With the AO starting in just two days time, Tennis Special is going to be my source of information about the happenings in Melbourne and especially in Rod Laver Arena. And if you have an Android phone, do download the app from the Market and watch AO right from your cell.

The first Grand Slams event of the year is about to begin in a few days time and with it, comes the eXcelarz’s Sports Eye Tennis Special app. The Tennis Special app retains the feature of the Sports Eye such as the ability to view news from various sources, read experts opinion through their blogs and stay in touch with players’ activities and staying updated with matches’ progress using Live Scores. Additionally, focusing on the Australian Open features such as Draws, Schedule of Play and tweets from official Tennis sources such as Australian Open, ATP, WTA and Tennis Channel have been added.

Now, you can relive the moments of Australian Open directly from your cell phone by downloading the app from market either by searching the title ‘Sports Eye Tennis Special’ or using the QR code given below. For complete feature list check Press Release section. The app is available in both lite and paid version.

Sports Eye Tennis Special Lite

Sports Eye Tennis Special Lite

Sports Eye Tennis Special Full

Sports Eye Tennis Special Full

A sports app meant not only for die hard sports fans but casual spectators can be found in Android Market by the title of Sports Eye. The app is available in both lite and full versions with paid version conveniently priced at 1.49USD. With the plethora of features provided in full app, it’s a bargain!

The lite version comes feature laden allowing the user to follow the sports they like minimizing the effort of filtering through excessive information to find what they like. The best part is that it not only allows sports selection but also sources such as ESPN, BBC, CNN SI, Cricinfo, FIFA, Golf etc. And did I mention what is meant by ‘following’ a sports in sports eye? There you can stay in touch with your favorite sports news, expert opinions provided in sports blogs and live scores.  getting updates of what the specific sports players are upto, you need the complete version of sports eye.

The app has a neat user interface, with tabbed viewing between news, blogs, scores and players for quick switching. The help screen is awesomely designed in case you need help finding all features. The application seems a bit slow when launched for the first time, but after that it becomes a pleasure ride. The customizations, though over-done for some but surprising for others, are also a key feature that gives the app an edge over its competitors.

Quoting from official press release, following are the many many features found in sports eye.

Sport Eyes Features

Sports Eye comes packaged with variety of innovative features including

  • Sports selection by user
  • Sports news, blogs posts selection by user
  • Follow live scores
  • Follow your favorite players (in Full Version)
  • Home Screen Widget (in Full Version)
  • Background fetching of information
  • New data notification
  • Sharing of news, posts through Facebook
  • Customized themes for each sports

Scan the QR codes below to get the version of your choice:

Sports Eye Lite

Sports Eye Full

Overall: 4.5/5

Sports Eye beta has finally turned into lite and full versions that are now available for download from the Android Market. The Full version contains player feeds and an attractive home screen widget that’ll keep users updated on their home screens. To find out more, checkout the introductory post and the press-release.

Scan the QR Codes below or search ‘Sports Eye Excelarz’ to find and download the application.

Sports Eye Lite

Sports Eye Full

eXcelarz Interactive aced into the Android Market with the beta release of their Sports app title Sports Eye. The app is designed to meet the demands of variety of sports fans and keep them updated with the latest happenings in their favorite sports, know the sport expert opinion in various topics, follow the players and stay in touch with the ongoing games scores.

The app allows user to select the sports he want to follow and the news and blog sources from which he want to be notified about the current sporting events.  It can fetch information in background and notify the user about recent news. The cherry on top is that the news and blogs posts can be viewed offline once downloaded! News and posts can be shared with other sports fanatics using facebook enabling the user to spread the news all around. Coupled with the slick UI, awesome graphics and switching interface makes Sports Eye a winning combination for the best sports app in Android Market.

For more details, visit Press Release section or search for QR code below.


A simple walk through video showing different features of the Sports Eye.


Sports Eye Feature Walkthrough