A while back, I was having a look at my old stuff, the artwork (3D and 2D) that I made over the years. I eventually thought of sharing them here on this blog through a series of posts. These posts will not contain much description but they’ll mostly contain images.

For 3D models, I used 3DS Max; 2D designing was done in GIMP and Paint.NET. Though the models are very low-poly and are not refined but that’s what I could do back then. Some of the artwork was specifically made for games while most of them were just done for exploration and fun Smile.

First up is the artwork that I did for my Final Year Project (year 2006). It was an RTS game and these models were mostly poly-models which were made from a single cube:



2 (2)343 (2)


And all rendered together:




The buildings, textures were mostly picked from CnC Generals Open-mouthed smile



Enough for this post Smile will post the rest of the work in the next one.