The soccer edition of Sports Eye has been reviewed recently by Paul Wilks on Here’s some extract from his review:

Sports Eye – Soccer is a sports news aggregator that specialises on soccer (football in the UK). Users can specify sources, choosing to select players of interest, blogs and news sources. There is also fixture lists, past scores and league tables. The app itself is nicely developed and navigation is effortless and relatively fast.”

Hit the link after the break to read the full review:

The review overall has been encouraging and we’ll start improving the application to overcome the shortcomings that were mentioned. The next release will include:

  • More News, Blogs, Scores, Schedules and Ranking Sources
  • More Players
  • In-app viewer instead of opening the browser
  • Users shall be able to suggest a news, blog and other sources (as well as players). They’ll be incorporated inside the app in the form of subsequent minor releases.